How to memorize Quran fast: 11 steps to complete Quran memorization

You should know the plan and the steps you can do if you intended to memorize the holy Quran. This article will teach you how to memorize Quran fast.

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

There are many benefits to memorizing the Quran. Here are a few:

  • You will be rewarded by Allah SWT for learning and memorizing His holy book.
  • It can help you concentrate in Salah.
  • It can help you improve your comprehension of the Quran as a Muslim.
  • It can help you develop a better understanding of Islamic theology.
  • It can help you learn more about the Quran’s history and culture.
  • It can help you improve your Arabic language skills and vice versa.

Is The Quran easy to memorize?

Despite Quran is not a big book, it takes a lot of time and effort to memorize the Quran and surely you will need so much time to finish the Quran memorization.

How to start memorizing the Quran?

You can enroll in online Quran classes at an online Quran academy to start learning Quran with a teacher.


11 Quick steps to complete Quran memorization

Step 1

Start by reading through the Quran once slowly and carefully. Pay attention to the different styles of writing and the different symbols that can be seen in the text. We have a complete article about learning how to read Quran for beginners you can check it for more information.

Step 2

When you have a good understanding of the text, begin to read through it more rapidly, taking notes as you go. Once you are able to read quickly, begin to memorize it by reciting it back to yourself over and over again. Make sure you are imitating the same Quran recitation way of the reciter you are listening to.

Step 3

Practice reciting the verses aloud as often as possible. This will help you to focus more on the reading and will make you more concentrated and this will build the ability to read Quran in Masjid or as an Imam.

Step 4

When you have memorized a Sura or chapter, review it to make sure you have retained all the important points. This step will keep you in a good track with your learning.

Step 5

Continue practicing and memorizing the Quran until you can recite it without any errors. The only way to know if you reading is without any errors is to study with a teacher or Shikh to correct you. If this is not possible you should be looking for someone Hafiz with Tajweed to help you.

Step 6

Once you have a good understanding of the text and can recite it back to yourself easily, begin to read it aloud to others and critique their recitation if there are any errors you listened they are doing while reading.

Step 7

Once you have a good understanding of the text and can recite it back to yourself easily, begin to learn more about Tafseer, the meaning of the Quran, and the background of the Quran. This will help you to better understand the text and its meaning.

Step 8

Make a list of the main points of each Sura or chapter. This will help you to understand the topic of the Surah and will surely ease your learning.

Step 9

Take breaks every few days to review the verses you have memorized. This is very important.

Step 10

Make sure to set a table for revising what you have learned because if you don’t you will surely forget it. This is one of the most important steps if you really want to complete memorizing the holy Quran.

Step 11

When you have completed the memorization of one of the thirty parts of the Quran, celebrate your accomplishment!

The most effective way to memorize Quran

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to learn and memorize the Quran is specific to each person. But, learning Quran with a teacher can be the best way for some people while self-learning can be the best for others.

Our recommendation for memorizing Quran will be learning Quran with a teacher. If you would like to participate in online Quran classes with a teacher from our online Quran academy you can contact us to start memorizing Quran with a certified native Arabic teacher.

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