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This is an online course for those who are interested to learn about Islam online and understand the daily acts of worship.

What is this course

The Islamic studies online course will help you to understand the basics of Islam. From beginner to advanced levels. It covers the most basic things about Islam. The five pillars of Islam, the Islamic creed and Aqida, the meaning of the holy Quran, and the Muslim prayer and daily basic acts.

About this course

This course covers many important questions about Islam, for example: How can the interested student improve their understanding of the Islamic religion, especially the basic sacred text on which Islam is based, which is the Holy Quran? Likewise, how can he understand the Islamic text that has been subjected for nearly a thousand and five hundred years and the rulings that this text implies.

This course uses multimedia, and an educational method that focuses on meeting the needs of the learners, in order to provide them with the tools and different perspectives in order to understand the role that the Holy Qur’an played in shaping the Islamic heritage, where the learners will be able to build skills and knowledge frameworks for reading and understanding the Qur’anic text on their own, by In parallel with introducing them to some of the issues dealt with by the interpreters of the Qur’an, whether ancient or modern.

Course teachers

This course is delivered online by Muslim teachers who graduated from Islamic universities holding bachelor’s degree or above in Islamic studies.


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