Dua to get a job in Islam

Getting a job is a grant from Allah and it’s called Rizk in Arabic meaning sustenance.

Sustenance can be defined as: “everything that a Muslim benefit from that which is halal.” There are many requests by a Muslim in this regard, such as seeking sustenance by means of a job, money, a car, or other different types of sustenance that each person requests from God.
There is no doubt about that, for Allah is the Provider, the Giver who gives His servants; Where the Almighty says in his book:
(Indeed, Allah ˹alone˺ is the Supreme Provider—Lord of all Power, Ever Mighty) Adh-Dhariyat 58.

So, to make Dua to get a job, you can ask Allah Rizq, as it includes all means of living from a job, money, food, and everything you need.

Dua to get a job

Istaghfar can also be a Dua. Allah will give and sustain you when you ask Allah for forgiveness. In Quran,: {So I said forgive your Lord, for he was a forgiveness* He sends the sky to you as a merit* and extends you with money and sons}.

Oh Allah the opener of doors, the answerer of prayers, fulfill my needs, and grant me a good job that will bring me closer to You, and cure me from the affairs of this world and the Hereafter.

Oh Allah, grant me a job that pleases me and solves my issues.

Oh Allah, grant me a righteous work that will dispense me with the question of your creation, suffice me in the matter of this world, and set me right in the matter of the Hereafter.

Oh Allah, grant me goodness more than I ask, and give me more than I wish, and give me a job that will make me happy sooner rather than later, O Lord of the worlds.

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