Fee Structure

Monthly fees are calculated depending on the number of classes and the duration of each class.

Prices for 30 mins class duration

PlanDuration$USA dollar
Plan A (1 class every week)30min12$
Plan B (2 classes every week)30min24$
Plan C (3 classes every week)30min36$
Plan D (4 classes every week)30min48$
Plan E (5 classes every week)30min60$

Prices for 45 mins class duration

PlanDuration$USA dollar
Plan 1 (1 class every week)45 mins18$
Plan 2 (2 classes every week)45 mins36$
Plan 3 (3 classes every week)45 mins54$
Plan 4 (4 classes every week)45 mins72$
Plan 5 (5 classes every week)45 mins90$

Prices for 60 mins class duration

PlanDuration$USA dollar
Plan 1 (1 class every week)1 hour24$
Plan 2 (2 classes every week)1 hour48$
Plan 3 (3 classes every week)1 hour72$
Plan 4 (4 classes every week)1 hour96$
Plan 5 (5 classes every week)1 hour120$

FAQs About Costs and Payment!

When is the payment due?

Payment is due at the end of each month for the completed classes. However, the payment is due after 3 classes for only the first time.

How many trial classes are available?

We are offering only one free trial class for each student. Students also can try more classes upon their request if they were not satisfied with the free trial class.

How can I Pay for classes?

We proceed with payments via Paypal.

Is Trial Period Free?

Yes, the trial class is free. Those fees are only applied after the free trial class.