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The perfect online Tajweed course to easily improve your Tajweed online. Learn Tajweed online for sisters & brothers both kids & adults with online Tajweed classes from certified Quran teachers.

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Learn Tajweed online

As reading Quran with Tajweed is essential for Quran learners, we provide online Tajweed classes from the comfort of your home to teach Tajweed online in a simple and interactive method.

If you have ever thought about learning Tajweed online. You surely have found it difficult to learn just from recorded courses or YouTube videos. And, even after learning Tajweed this way, you will never know if you are reading Tajweed correctly or not.

In Quran Academy Live, we have the best Quran tutors who are certified to teach Tajweed and can help you to reach the goal of reciting Quran with proper Tajweed.

About online Tajweed course

Tajweed can be very difficult for many, for it requires practicing and understanding of the rules. In this course, our Tajweed tutors tries their best to make those rules easy using the interactive ways of online education, assist the student of Tajweed during learning, and correcting Tajweed mistake while recitation or memorization.

Using this method, we could help many students learn Tajweed from online Tajweed classes. We were also impressed with the level of perfection of Quran recitation for some students that were reciting Quran like native Arabic Muslims.

Certification in teaching Tajweed is a condition for any Quran tutor. At least there should be allowance from a Tajweed sheikh to allow the Quran tutor to teach Tajweed. Our team have only certified tutors in Tajweed to make sure you are learning Tajweed the right way.

Tajweed AlQuran importance

Recitation of the holy Quran with Tajweed is a must for every Muslim and neglecting Tajweed while recitation would be as neglecting the Sunna of the prophet PBUH for reading the Quran in a certain way.

Reading with Tajweed is one of the good deeds that the Muslim will be rewarded for. Allah says: {and recite the Qur’an slowly and distinctly}(73:4).

Why do you need a Quran tutor for learning Tajweed?

As Tajweed is a about the way of recitation of the Quran and maintaining certain rules while reading. Tajweed can only be taught by a Quran teacher for making sure applying of the rules is correct in recitation while listening the student. Learning the rules in theory does not require a teacher to study from. But when you apply the rules you studied let a Quran teacher listen to your reading.

Key benefits

  • Learn Tajweed online from the comfort of your home without going anywhere
  • Gain the support of a Quran tutor to assist you in learning Tajweed
  • Be Hafiz of the book of Allah with correct Tajweed
  • Memorising Quran with proper Tajweed
  • Enjoy the pleasure of reading Quran with Tajweed that makes you taste the words