How to teach my kids about Allah

Kids’ bad behavior can be a result of not teaching children about Allah so they love and fear Him. Parents can see the importance of teaching kids about Allah at a young age. But, as this can be sometimes difficult, in this article you will learn the easy way of teaching your kids about Allah.

Introducing the child to the concept of God is a necessary entry point for reforming his thinking and behavior, as well as teaching the correct belief to the young is better and easier to accept than teaching him later because it is in accordance with the instinct he was born with and did not reach it any contrary thoughts.
And if every parent complains about his kids and is annoyed by some of his behaviors, he sits down to himself and searches objectively for the places of his shortcomings and the reason for what his son has reached, then he will discover that he has failed to correct his child’s belief from an early age.

Why do I teach my child the love of God?

Because love engenders respect and awe in secret and in public, our children respect and fear their Lord instead of having their relationship with Him based on fear of His punishment or of Hell, so their worship of Him would be a spiritual pleasure with which they live and protect them from going astray.

And because if they love Allah the Almighty and know that the Qur’an is His speech, they love the Qur’an, and if they know that Salah is a connection with Allah, they rejoice in hearing the call to prayer or Azan, and they are keen on prayer and humble themselves in it, and if they know that Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, they do everything that is beautiful and leave everything that is ugly.

And because if they love Allah, they gain Taqwa, they obey His commands and avoid His prohibitions with goodwill, and they grow up to prefer His desires over their desires, sacrifice in order to satisfy Him, and restrain desires in order to obtain His love.

Practical ways to teach kids about Allah Love

As the kid’s awareness increases, we repeat before him that Allah is the one who provided us with food, and it is he who made sweet water for us to quench our thirst, and it is He who gave us his father and mother to take care of him, and it is He who gave us money, a house, a car, toys…etc., and for that, He deserves thanks and Hamd, and the first thanks to him It is to love and worship Him and not worship anyone else.

We try to mention the name of Allah Almighty in front of the child through lovely, pleasant situations. If he wears a new cloth, he praises Allah and thanks Him, and if he eats or drinks, he says: Praise be to God (AlhamduleAllah) who fed us and gave us drink.

We teach them that Allah is their beloved who overlooks them until they reach a certain age, so we tell them that He forgives them for their mistakes as long as they are young, so they should be ashamed of Allah and not disobey Him.

We deal with them kindly and respect the opinion of the child, which makes him feel his dignity and liberates him from the factors of fear and anxiety. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Kindness is not found in anything but that it beautifies it, and it is not removed from anything but that it disgraces it”.

We start with encouragement instead of intimidation so that the basis of the religious feeling among children is love and hope because God’s love leads everyone to obey His commands, and we do not over-terrorize the child with God’s punishment always, as we say to him: Allah will torment you in the fire of hell, so the educator must pass through the issue of hell bitterly In front of children without constantly focusing on intimidation with fire.

To nurture the aesthetic tendency in our children by accompanying them to the countryside, the sea, the mountains, and parks, and let the beauty of the universe show them the splendor and greatness of the Creator, so soon these kind hearts will be filled with the love of Allah.

All of this

Ways can help you teach Kid about Allah

  • Be a model to your kids in doing good actions
  • Make Dua for them
  • A good environment like Masjid or Islamic lessons is a good place to take him
  • Cartoons and animation videos about Allah can do a good job of teaching him
  • Feeding your child from a Halah source

When to start telling kids about Allah

Children sometimes cannot be able to understand or realize what you say about Allah. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell them about Allah at a young age. That’s because kids’ memory stores all information and start using it when needed. Even in time, the child is in his mother’s womb. So, use this as a way to store in his mind information about Allah so that when he grows up starts reacting to what he knows.

How to answer kid’s difficult questions about Allah

Answer him by what suits his age and his level of awareness and understanding, according to his age; As if I say: Allah is with us everywhere, even if we do not see Him because no one can see Him. When he asks to see Allah, the child understands that he should stop at a certain limit and direct his mind to what is more important to understand that we are in a stage of work and preparation to reach the vision of God Almighty.

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