11 Tips to learn Quran

Learning Quran is essential during your life to read in Salah and in your free time. Not only this, recitation of Quran is one of the best deeds for the Muslim. Although it is often considered difficult to learn, with the right attitude, commitment and these 11 tips, anyone can do it! Read on to find out 11 tips to learn English:

1. Asking Allah’s help

Dear reader, the first step in learning the Noble Qur’an is seeking Allah’s help and resorting to Him to facilitate learning. Trust Allah will respond you.

2. Be determined

You should be determined and willing to learn the Qur’an, because learning does not happen in a short time, but rather requires effort and will in order to humiliate the difficulties.

3. Renew your intention

Renewing the intention, while learning, know to constantly renew the intention so as not to be lazy or stand in front of difficulties. Renewing the intention is one of the most important steps in learning the Qur’an. It means your intention to learn should not be just once but have intention to learn every once in a while.

4. Use one Mushaf

Selecting a specific Mushaf to learn the Noble Qur’an from, preferably large in size. Learning from different Mushafs may confuse you.

5. Set a daily basis learning

Determining a daily portion to learn the Noble Qur’an and not be lazy in it.

6. Always revise what you learn

Make sure to constantly review what you have learned so as not to forget it. Leaving Quran without continues revision will certainly make you forget what you have memorized.

7. Learn with a Quran tutor

Follow up with one of the Qur’an teachers in order to read correctly.

8. Listen to Quran audio

Using assistive devices such as using an electronic pen or listening to audio recordings of some sheikhs on a mobile phone or computer.

9. Set a timetable

You must set a timetable for yourself to finish learning the entire Qur’an or parts of it. Use what you have learned in your prayer. Do not let the devil tell you that you cannot learn the Qur’an, but rather continue with the specified schedule.

10. Persistance

You must continue to learn the Holy Qur’an throughout your life, so learning the Qur’an is not just in a single period throughout your life. Everyone who learns the Qur’an needs to constantly read it, in a Dua we say, “Oh Allah, remind us of it what we forgot and teach us what we did not know, and grant us to recite it during the night and the ends of the day.”

11. Learn in the best time

Be sure to learn the noble Qur’an after Fajr prayer, because during this period there is a high concentration in your brain that causes your memorization of the Qur’an to last. Learn the rules of Tajweed, even if one rule every day, or start studying them with a teacher. Reading in a beautiful voice and recording your reading and listening to it, listening may help you to improve your voice and reading.

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