How to teach my kids about Allah

Kids’ bad behavior can be a result of not teaching children about Allah so they love and fear Him. Parents can see the importance of teaching kids about Allah at a young age. But, as this can be sometimes difficult, in this article you will learn the easy way of teaching your kids about Allah. … Read more

Dua to get a job in Islam

Dua to get a job

Getting a job is a grant from Allah and it’s called Rizk in Arabic meaning sustenance. Sustenance can be defined as: “everything that a Muslim benefit from that which is halal.” There are many requests by a Muslim in this regard, such as seeking sustenance by means of a job, money, a car, or other … Read more

Athan meaning in Islam

Athan: is the call to prayer for Muslims. It is performed in Islamic mosques usually using microphones. Athan: آذان is recited in Arabic in a sharp calm expressions that are repeated for every Salah times five times a day. Starting from the dawn Salah until the night Salah or prayer. It’s also called Adhan. This … Read more

What to say to console someone in Islam

condolences in islam

Is it allowed to send condolences to the family of the dead person It should be known that the condolence of a Muslim to his Muslim brother is legitimate, and one of the rights of the brotherhood of Muslims; Because it contains consolation, reparation for thoughts, an exhortation to the truth, and an exhortation to … Read more