Learn Arabic online FREE class

Now you can learn the Arabic language online and take Arabic classes with Arabic native teachers for free and it will remain free.

Benefits of free Arabic class

  • A modern curriculum that is intended for practicing Arabic for all levels.
  • Free access to all materials.
  • Certificate of completion for free after completing more than 15 study hours.
  • Easy to join for everyone

How to apply and join

To get enrolled in this class, you must fill out the form below and join the Telegram channel. The form will be used to send you quizzes after each class and the classes will be attended via the channel.

The class will be via Telegram group call on this channel. t.me/freearabicclass

The form will appear here after setting the schedule.

Athan meaning in Islam

Athan: is the call to prayer for Muslims. It is performed in Islamic mosques usually using microphones. Athan: آذان is recited in Arabic in a sharp calm expressions that are repeated for every Salah times five times a day. Starting from the dawn Salah until the night Salah or prayer. It’s also called Adhan. This … Read more